Michigan Education Association

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Legislative Action Center

Congressional Directory
Congressional Offices
Congressional Phone Numbers
Secretary of the Senate Nancy Erickson S-312 (202) 224-3622
Sergeant at Arms Terrance W. Gainer S-151 (202) 224-2341
Majority Secretary Lula Johnson Davis S-309 (202) 224-3735
Minority Secretary David Schiappa S-337 (202) 224-3835
Parliamentarian Alan Frumin S-132 (202) 224-6128
Assistant Secretary Sheila Dwyer S-312 (202) 224-2114
Chaplain Dr. Barry C. Black SR-325 (202) 224-2510
Officers of the U.S. House of Representatives
Clerk of the House Lorraine C. Miller H-154 (202) 225-7000
Chief Administrative Officer Dan Strodel HB-30 (202) 225-6969
Sergeant at Arms Wilson Livingood H-124 (202) 225-2456
Parliamentarian John V. Sullivan H-209 (202) 225-7373
Chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy HB-25 (202) 225-2509
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